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Abu Athar

Abu Athar

December 1984


Abu Athar was yet another person of good character worthy of respect. His goal in life was not limited to fulfillment of mortal wishes. Arshad Abbasi remembers the day when the class had their Metallurgy viva more famously known as Baba-e-Folad, was popular for asking ‘Kalimas’ and Islamic questions in his viva. He asked Abu Athar what if Baba doesn’t ask you for Kalimas? His answer was simple yet profound, “…they would benefit him in his afterlife”. A person whose thoughts and actions are pure and free of flaunting, surely he will get a great place in heaven.

We know that the feeling of déjà vu is difficult to get across. But there are certain events of our life which pertain to the past events. One such incident is engraved on the mind of Wasif Malik regarding Abu Athar. Abu Athar was a kind and friendly person, but he was fully himself when he was with his close friends. Wasif didn’t have much interaction with Athar, but whenever they did talk, Athar did so with tremendous kindness and respect. The scene he remembers is painted at the beach where out of fun and enjoyment, Athar’s friends had buried him deep in the sand such that only his smiling face was visible. The next time they buried him, they did it completely, and it was a little while later on his funeral. The realities of life are bitter and hard to forget. A scene which was to be remembered as a great memory of a day filled with enjoyment and ‘tafreeh’, triggered memories of his final resting place.

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