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Effective Communication

Workshop/presentation on daily English communication. The webinar/workshop will help participants in understand that communication is important and effective communication cannot be being learned in a one day or four-day training but will take a lot of practice and daily regiments. The webinars will have two parts; presentation and role play exercises with participants.
Participants should be able to
1) identify that “English communication” is vital to be an effective engineer in this global economic environment
2) identify their own strength and weakness in English Communication
3) practice on their weakness in communication.
Webinar #1 Three Day (October 2017)
This presentation will concentrate on the importance of English in global economy; how a begin a conversation
Role Play: Game 1 Greeting and Introduction: Invite the participant to introduce themselves and start a conversation. Help to identify their strength and weakness.
Webinar#2: Two day (Nov 2017)
The presentation developing and delivering speech
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