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Muhammad Ali Tariq

September 14, 2012
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 Living in the Jamshaid Road (New Town) area, I was fortunate to be acquaintance with many NEDians from Martin, Clayton, Jahangir Road and PIB Colony Area. These middle class Government junior officers  colonies were the first migrants from Northern India especially Dehli.   I came to know Tariq as a talented hockey player in NED. He was my batch mate and I used to be always admire him for his extraordinary hockey talent. He was goal keeper. On his motorbike (always clean and shining) he look like a dashing Pakistani Movie hero. I never learned to drive bike or car during my NED days and was dependent upon Tariq, Shahid Ahmed and Amir Ali for rides. I always remember how Tariq would fight me for not giving him my notes before Masood. My friend REST IN PEACE, Aameen. SOHAIL
Update December 2015: Tariq’s family is now in Canada

Many might not know that the name “Mechlite” was proposed by SMA Tariq and was eventually selected. He was rewarded too I remember for suggesting that name…..He will be missed..

I am sure, many of us  like myself, must have a fond memory about our Beloved SMA Tariq. He was a person who made everyone smile no matter how tense the situation was, during exams, vivas, or be it any other occasion. He will be greatly missed.
One suggestion to all. Can we all establish a foundation or a trust wherein we all contribute  on a monthly or a yearly basis  and the funds that are collected can be utilized to support the bereaved family and the next to kin in such tragic events.  may be we can take care of tuition fees, shadi expenses, house hold requirements etc .    Yousuf Buhriwala (2012)
Friends, Tariq’s moving to eternal life is the 6th of our friend (Haroon, Shabbir, Abu Ather, Waqar, Rehan and now Tariq). Our time is also coming close. We must start thinking about it if not have started already. We must start doing the right thing that should be counted as Sadaqa Jarriyah. I am sure that most of us are already doing that, but we should also do something for our friends/colleagues with whom we spent number of years. Arshad Abbasi (2012)
Tariq’s family is in Qatar. There are two kids; One may have completed O level and other in grade 9.He will be buried in Qatar on saturday. Thanks to Khalid for call and letting me know about his death.I called and talked to his family. At the time of his death he asked his family member to forgive him, pray surah yaseen for him, then kalama. Then he passed away. I am in touch with his family ..  his daughter use to update me every other days.I talked to him last weekend. I talked to him on skype as he want to see me. He was very upset and still saying alhamdullilah I am fine. I talked to him about 30 mins then he tired. He asked me do I have contacts on mech 80 forum… I said yes. He asked me to ask every one to forgive him. He was very good person. He always use to help others to his best. Allah mughfarat him — ameeen. Wassaf (2012).


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