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Shabbir Husain

Shabbir Hussain

Summer 1982


Shabbir Hussain was a classmate of MECH 80-81 batch. He died in an accident during the first semester at NED. A person can deal with only so much grief at once. With Haroon’s absence fresh in our minds, we had to witness the passing of yet another of our friends. As mentioned before, we expect the best from life, and even if we get some rough days, we still expect goodness and happiness. We weren’t prepared for any of these trials set to us. We grieved for Haroon, and we grieved for Shabbir. Shabbir Hussain was another of our classmates who lost his life in an accident that summer. Like Haroon, he had also bought a bike recently and met his death in an accident with a truck. The emotional wounds from Haroon’s death had barely started to heal when they were cut open afresh when Shabbir passed away.
Shabbir’s classmate Syed Amjad Ali Naqvi recallsShabbir was a great human being,  always ready to help others.  He was a very good Table Tennis player and my training partner. He always gave me great tips for improving the game. We used to practice hard for hours in the Gymnasium to prepare for NED team selection for the Inter University games. Unfortunately, he passed away just before the team trials. With his help, I made it to the team and that year NED reached the Finals against Punjab University for the first time.  Whenever I play Table Tennis I remember  him and the great times we had together.

Following article was published in NED MAYMAR.





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