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Selection Process


Currently, we are granting scholarship to NED University of Engineering and Technology Pakistan.


1) NED Controller Of Students Affairs (NED CSA) invite applications (Click here to see the application form) from first-year NEDIANs from all departments

2) NED CSA compiles these applications and submits them to NED Scholars selection Committee. (Selection committee comprised of three/four members, senior NEDIANs/professionals/industrialist etc)

3) Selection committee use an initial criteria of “need” (total earnings / total family members)  and invite all applicants for an interview

4) At the interview, all applicants need to bring their last six months of the electricity bill.

5) During the interview questions, regarding their electric bills, rent and ownership of residence, employed members of the family, etc. are asked in a manner to identify the importance of “need” for every applicant. All interviews are recorded. Please watch these interviews to see the type of questions and applicants response.

6) The members of the selection committee use an evaluation form to judge these applicants and the cumulative scores help them to select scholars.

7) After the selection, 20% of the scholars’ homes are visited by one of the selection committee members or NED CSA   to ensure the truthfulness of the applicants.

8) The selection list is then conveyed to NED CSA office and welcome letters are sent to the successful candidates.

9) A phone call is made to the scholars and their parents by Admin-NED Scholars, informing them about the decision and to start a communication between the parents/scholars and the NED-Scholars.

10) The check for the total amount of the scholars is then made to NED University by NED-Scholars

11) NED University through CSA will distribute the scholarship amount to the scholars.

12) Scholars send a receipt of their scholarship amount to Admin-NED Scholars.

13) All scholars then register online at  and Facebook, so that they can be informed about various activities.

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