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Following features are available for registered members (Students and Contributors) only.

NED Scholars believe in “high educational performances”. High quality education provided through lectures, presentations, certifications, webinar etc. is essential to achieve this goal.

For all our registered members NED Scholars provide the following free of cost

  • eLectures : Lectures on topics from various courses taught at NED.  Currently lectures are available for Mechanical and Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering. NED student, please let us know if need support/help on any topic.
  • eCertificates: Our future plan includes certificate courses offerings in high marketable skill areas; please contact us if you want us to run specific certifications. Coming Soon.
  • ePresentaions: Presentations on various Engineering concepts and knowledge areas by industry experience professions. Watch for our presentations on “APQP” and “Food Safety Engineering” in March 2014. NED student, please let us know about presentation topics that might help you in future
  • Mentorships;
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