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Javed Mehmood Magoon

December 27, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

Very sad and shocking news. May Allah forgive his sins. Take him to the highest place in paradise and give sabr to his family and friends. Javed and I grew up in the same neighborhood in Nazimabad no. 3. We went together to the same school and same class. We played together hockey at school. His father (may Allah grant him maghfira) was a very kind man and i got to know him well. His current residence is just walking distance to my parent’s house. Javed was a very family-oriented person. Very close to his siblings and not to mention, very good friend to all of us. I was fortunate enough to meet him and his son in Oct this year. Very sad and unbelievable news. Inna lillahe oinna alaihay rajeoon.

Nasir Iqbal


Innalillaheywainnaelaheyrajeon Very sad and shocking news. May Almighty Allah grant him Maghfriah, a highest place in Jannah and sabr to his family. He was a down to earth person. We all will miss him.

Jawaid Akhtar


This is perhaps the greatest tragedy that has fallen on our group. We should all take lessons that Javed taught us the way he left us. Please do realize that in the age bracket we are in, we should all have our medical examination done at least twice a year. Hope many of us are religiously having their examination regularly and if some or not doing it, please get it done for javed’s sake and show him our love for him. In this time and age ignoring or overlooking our own health is a crime to oneself, one’s family and friends. Please take it seriously and pledge to Javed and our other departed friends that we will not be ignorant knowingly or unknowingly….

Yousuf Boriwala


Javed Mehmood Magoon my friend of 40 years. Just left us all for the heavenly abode, to be in the loving company & warmth of his dear departed parents, but alas he left us all very abruptly to mourn his great loss. Javed my friend I can just never forget you an angel in human disguise. May you rest in eternal peace for this is just my very humble tribute to my ever-loving great friend. Amen

Darrius Solan


As Salam o Aliaqum. I feel very sad hearing the death of Javed Mehmood. I know him since Delhi College where we did intermediate then continued our friendship in NED. He was a great person and every Ramadan he made an Iftar gathering. May Allah bless the departed soul and place him in Janat ul Firdous. Aameen.

Haroon Tabani



Life is a wonderful gift, however, just like God granted it to us, he will call us back one day to His side. I am so sorry for the death of our dear friend and brother but think that he is now in a better place, enjoying the glory of God. Receive our deepest condolences.

Hasan Ejaz


Such a great guy, can’t believe it – many of us are still together because of his Iftar party. May Allah give him maghfirah and the highest place jannah, Ameen! He called and talked to me in late august at the death of my MIL and looking forward to meeting me in a dec.. it’s such an irony of fate that if I had not canceled me visit this time due to Covid, it would have been my first day in Khi and I would have attended is Janaza..

Arif Sattar


I have no hesitation in calling him  ماں  of the forum. May Allah keep him in the highest place in Jannah.

زمین کھا گئی آسماں کیسے کیسے ۔۔۔

Tariq Abu Umar


Unbelievable but this is the reality of life. He was like an angel of our Forum. He visited me twice after my recovery from COVID-19.  The great man ever in my life. May Allah ( SWT ) grant him Jannet ul Firdoos Aameen Summa Aameen

Aftab Ahmed


Indeed sad information.  Allah SWT magfarat keray javed bhai ki and give the highest place in Jannat and sabr to his family members. Zafar Ali has sent me information this morning followed by TAU. Thank you Prof for always keep connected. JazakaaAllah Khair. Javed was a noble person and Allah SWT call him back with ease and peacefully Allahamduliliah

Ghaffar Imtiaz

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